Embracing Unconventionality: What to expect from the Learn Free Home Educators’ Conference

The Learn Free Home Educators’ Conference stands as a beacon of empowerment for home educators not only in the UK, but abroad as well. This year, with its theme of “Futureproof: Playing the Long Game”, the conference echoes a resounding call to embrace a “Big Picture” approach to nurturing our children’s growth through home education. The message transcends the boundaries of conventional academics, focusing instead on holistic development that will equip our children with the skills and resilience needed for adulthood.

At the heart of the conference lies a celebration of the invaluable flexibility and freedom inherent in the home educating lifestyle. Yet, amidst this celebration, there exists a stark reality: the persistent stereotypes and misconceptions that plague home educators and their children. From doubts about socialisation and qualifications, to fears of being “behind” or isolated, these stereotypes cast a shadow on the home education journey.

In confronting these challenges, the Learn Free Conference dares to ask the difficult questions. Are these stereotypes rooted in truth, or are they mere misconceptions? Do we inadvertently contribute to their reinforcement, and if so, how can we break free from their grasp? These questions serve as catalysts for empowering home educators and their children to navigate discrimination with confidence and grace.

Central to the conference’s mission is the goal of equipping parents with insights into the challenges that lie ahead. From navigating further education to preparing for employment, home-educated young people face unique hurdles. By addressing these challenges head-on, parents can better future-proof their children for the society they will be a part of.

However, the message goes beyond mere adaptation to societal norms. It champions a proactive approach to considering and addressing the dynamic needs of our children. As home educators, we take pride in our uniqueness and unconventionality. Yet, we also recognize the importance of shaping societal perceptions through constructive dialogue, positive examples, research, and advocacy.

Ultimately, the Learn Free Home Educators’ Conference serves as a testament to the transformative power of home education. Since its inception in 2012, Learn Free Conference has welcomed hundreds of home educators through its actual and virtual doors. It reaffirms that being different and unconventional need not preclude acceptance or success. Instead, it invites us on a journey exploring new perspectives and possibilities, forging bold new paths for present and future home educators. Join us at Learn Free to discover for yourself!

The Learn Free Home Educators’ Conference has been organised by Juliet English since 2012, and continues to equip, empower, encourage and enable parents to educate their children with boldness and freedom today.

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