for all home educating families to thrive and find a place to belong

Streams is a place to belong. We are a community of home educators on a life-long learning journey, exploring new opportunities and growing together.

to encourage, equip and connect home educators


Streams, established by four home educators connected by a shared vision & a passion to support fellow home educators

What's in a name?

  • As parents we get to choose the stream of education our children follow. There is no right or wrong, and this can change over time. Streams can cross, change direction or create an entirely new path.

  • Streams create life, especially in dry places. Learning and life should go hand-in-hand.

  • People are drawn to streams. Communities are often built around a source of water.

  • Streams join together to create a powerful river. We’re all flowing in the river of life.

The values explored below are integral to Streams.

At the heart of what we do is the deep belief that every human is valuable and brings something unique to the world.


We’re brave, we boldly communicate, we’re willing to be vulnerable, we’re prepared to take risks.


We’re true to what we believe, we honour ourselves and each other, we’re open and honest.


We’re inclusive, we appreciate difference, we know we’re stronger when we journey together.

Let's brave the wilderness together

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Encouraging, equipping and connecting home educators
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