Home education consultations for parents & carers

Choosing to home educate can be daunting for parents or carers. Information out there can be confusing, and families can be confronted with negativity from family members and friends who are unaware and uninformed about the wonderful benefits of home education.

The goal of our mentoring is always to listen and to empower you to make good decisions, support you to discover your own inner strength, equipped and ready for the road ahead.

The Streams Team
You can book a private online consultation with any of our mentors to discuss your specific situation and concerns, and receive valuable insight and support for your home education journey.

At Streams we are growing our mentoring team , stay connected as we bring more mentors on board.

Here are just some topics we can help with:

Meet the Mentors.

Juliet English

Area of Experience:
Exams, General home education, Large families, Local authorities, Self-directed education, Starting out

Alice Khimasia

Area of Experience:
General home education, Secondary Self-directed education, Unschooling

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