‘Meet the Artist’s Family’ Art History Curriculum

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Meet the Artist's Family

‘Meet the Artist’s Family’ is a fantastic resource for studying art history and actually doing art in your ‘home-school’. It’s written by a creative fellow home-Ed mum, who has put a great deal of thought into making it user-friendly, interactive and fun. The original course gives you 20 weeks looking at a different artist each week with a brief bio, a picture to look at, an art project and, my personal favourite, rabbit-hole suggestions. Who doesn’t want to have a Mexican feast when learning about Frida Kahlo?! All for the fabulous price of £15.  The YouTube links shared are another hit with the kids, helping to make the work of the artist come alive. We haven’t used the course consecutively, but we dip in and out of it during the 6 week artist studies that we do. Since the original course, Rebecca has produced another 3 courses which are all the same great format. She has a great Instagram feed, too, which is really worth checking out for further ideas of how to incorporate art into your learning lives. Highly recommended!

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