Codakid – Learning to Code Through Gaming Platforms

Age Bracket:
8-12 Years
different courses available

All three of my children use Codakid. It is a platform that allows kids to learn to code using scratch, python, minecraft and roblox. The kids watch videos and work through the levels at their own pace. They enjoy the learning and it is amazing to see what they create. I am not able to code at all and so find the support Codakid offers invaluable. We are regulars with messaging in and asking questions when we have hit a problem. The team at times as well connect and ‘take control remotely’ of our programme and troubleshoot when we are in a real mess! This is so helpful.

I am grateful my kids have the opportunity to learn this new language in a fun way. Every so often Codakid offer great discounts on their courses – that was how we were able to sign up all three of my kids. They also offer you the ability to try it for free which I always find helpful!

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