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Komodo Math
£9.99/month (gets cheaper with more learners)

This Maths resource is for children in KS1 and KS2. We have tried a few different maths resources and we have found Komodo worked best for us as a family. My ten year old twin daughters love the interactive fun screen that takes them on a directed maths journey. At the start of each level there is a short teaching session and then you do some maths challenges. It complements the UK National maths curriculum. The kids earn stars and komodo belts as you work through the programme.   Works on desktop or ipad. As a mum I can set up individualised rewards for achievement on the parent dashboard which also allows you to send messages to your child to encourage them. My girls particularly love this! There is also a fab feature where you can watch a little animation which shows you your child’s journey.  My girls have always struggled with Maths and yet seem to have finally found a programme that is fun to use and keeps them engaged.  At time of writing: £9.99 per month, cheaper per child with more kids (e.g. £14.99 for two kids) or £89.99 annually.

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