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Where we aim to be self directed in our kids learning there are a few basics skills that I actively encourage my kids, now 14 and 10, to engage in even if they are not jumping at the opportunity to learn! Handwriting is one. For a couple of years we bought the handwriting workbooks, easily found on amazon to order. I will be honest, even I found them dry; the text dull and uninteresting also written for younger kids not 10/14 year olds. Needless to say, handwriting was a chore in our weekly rhythm, and in particular my younger daughter was happily able to express her unwillingness to complete a daily exercise. 

I discovered Copywork Cave a few months ago via a friend’s recommendation. We bought the Level 3 Classic collection which contains 12 weeks of exercises, 5 a week. Quotes from Martin Luther King, poems by Yeats and Lear, letters by Da Vinci and Einstein, quotes from Shakespeare. They are great excerpts that I enjoy reading with the girls.

CopyWork Cave’s website explains “Let education enrich the soul” – “We are inspired by Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education in which children undertake daily copywork across a variety of written texts. We have carefully selected excerpts from classic children’s literature, engaging poems and thought-provoking quotes with rich and descriptive language.”

Developed by Amanda, a home educating mum of four, the layout is clear and easy to follow. Where, I will be honest, handwriting is not the highlight of our week! It definitely is more interesting, less tedious and undertaken without a battle. On the odd occasion it has also led to further exploration – for example a few weeks ago we were exploring who Martin Luther King was – an exciting rabbit hole to head down.

It is currently £6.99 for a 12 week course, once bought it is a downloadable pdf.

I would fully recommend this as a fantastic meaningful resource as well as a lovely introduction into the Charlotte Mason approach. 

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