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My daughters love audio books and I love seeing their imaginations expand as they listen. One thing they love to do is paint, or draw, whilst listening to their latest adventure. We discovered recently MajikKids. MajikKids says its audiostories help inspire kids imagination, creativity and joy sparkle.  Each month MajikKids releases a new story with an adventure to enjoy. You can listen on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

There are many things that I have enjoyed about MajikKids stories:

  • My girls love them (even though at age of 11 they are a little ‘old’)
  • They are narrated by multiple voices which makes it so engaging to listen too
  • They are fun to listen to as adults. My absolutely favourite is ‘Beyond the Wall: The untold story of Humpty Dumpty’. Honestly, you must listen and understand what ‘actually’ happened, this clever story had me smiling all day! Another one that has brought delight for us all was ‘The Other Side: the Untold Story of why the Chicken REALLY Crossed the Road’ – perhaps a question you may have wondered yourself?
  • They are a fair-trade publishing company which means all their staff get paid well
  • Bradley, the founder, writes the stories with his unschooled five year old son!
  • The stories use real words (not ‘little people’ words) which is refreshing, and they have good values embedded into them which are inspiring and rich.

I haven’t signed up for a subscription, as I feel my girls are a little too old, but for a $11 Canadian dollars a month (£6.90 at the time of writing this review) you can join the Majik Club and receive downloadable activity books and colouring books, to name a few of the benefits.

It is always a winner in the home ed world when you find a new FREE resource and this one with worth checking out. 

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