My Children Have Never Been So Overall Happy or Engaged (Kubrio)

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8-12 Years
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What would happen if a school treated its students and parents as customers? If it built classes around the interests of its students? If it thought that college was but one option for the future? If it gave students the ability to meet with others from around the world on a daily basis?  Welcome to Galileo. My children have never been so overall happy or engaged in learning as they are with Galileo. My 15-year-old completes group and individual projects that she helps to design weekly and is given multiple opportunities to practice leadership skills. My 12-year-old takes a very different set of classes mostly focused on technology. We easily meld their interests and other curriculum that is not part of Galileo into their weekly schedules. Both are gaining skills that my husband and I know will serve them well in the future. Both are working with students and adults from around the world and are learning about others’ cultures and lifestyles. Perhaps most importantly, they ask for help when they need it, provide help when others need it, are accountable for the commitments they make and are self-motivated. There is no nagging them to get schoolwork done. As a parent, my job is to help them manage their schedules when they have too much or too little going on, give guidance when they ask for it and listen when they enthusiastically give me a play-by-play of the latest class. If you believe that your child wants to learn and is ready to drive that desire, Galileo is the community for you.

*Kubrio is the new name for Galileo

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