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Teaching Packs
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Teaching Packs offers theme/topic based downloadable files. Its main focus is on broader subjects, like Maths, Science, History, Geography etc., but they also have packs centred around various events, celebrations or even internet safety. Each pack contains a file that describes the topic along with multiple worksheets and fact sheets. The presentation is nice, nothing fancy, but that’s the best thing about it. The sheets are easy to read, easy to follow and the activities support the learning in a fun way. Being compact and to the point is also a big plus, as parents/educators can do the activities with minimal preparations and/research.
Being “paper based” might be it’s biggest downside for those who want something more interactive or want something that children can work on their own. I personally find the Maths sheets a bit dry (hence four star rating). A subject that heavily relies on the children’s skills in abstraction needs, in my opinion, to be a bit more alive.

Review written by Nandor and submitted by Streams.

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