The Call of the Wild & Free book – Ainsley Armett

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This book is a must read if you are considering home educating your children. We are currently in the early stages of considering if this is the right path for our children and family. We’ve always felt unsettled with main stream education however like many we have followed the status quo as at the time we weren’t aware of alternative options. Spending more time at home with the family during Covid has made us question mainstream education more and our enjoyment of learning together, following our own family rhythms and the interests of our children has been so fulfilling and empowering. A friend who has already embarked on her home education adventure with her tribe highly recommended this book to me. It has been such a great read and has provided a lovely insight into the world of home education. It’s in no way pushy but simply touches on all areas of home education whilst instilling a sense of positivity that everyone can do it and that there is no right or wrong way which was so refreshing and encouraging. This book has further confirmed how wonderful home education can be and highlighted all its benefits. It has supported and helped to clarified all the reasons why we first started exploring home education and we now find ourselves closer to taking the leap to learning alongside our children.


Review written by Faye and submitted by Streams.

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