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TES is a brilliant website that I use regularly. It’s a platform where people share their own resources. Most of them are free and there are some that are only accessible for a one-off fee (usually around £3-5). The resources vary in type (worksheets, powerpoint presentations, explanatory videos, etc.) and quality, but there are so many, that everyone can find something for their needs. You can find complete packs that teachers use in their classes, with presentations and activities, which might prove really useful if parents are not so familiar with the topic they want to work on with the children. On the other hand, if people just want some extra worksheets they will find that too. The best thing about it is the sheer quantity of resources that makes it possible to compare, combine or choose the best. And as it is a shared platform, age is no restriction here.

Review written by Nandor and submitted by Streams.

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