Allow me to introduce you to my 15-year-old teen. He has never attended school or any mainstream education settings.

From crafting imaginative dens and concocting porridge recipes at the tender age of 4, to becoming a backyard campfire maestro at 7, he has always had a knack for hands-on learning. When he was 12, he properly started reading and became immersed in the world of stories and books.

Throughout his journey, my wife and I have been there to offer guidance, resources, and, of course, heaps of encouragement. Nowadays, he’s delighting in reading two books a week and takes charge of family lunch twice a week. But wait, there’s more!

Lately, my son’s curiosity has led him down the captivating path of coding and web design. Thanks to Skillshare, he’s been diving headfirst into learning various programming languages and crafting some awesome websites like this one for my business:

Last week, the time had come: he had his first interview for a website job. He prepared a presentation and graphics for the meeting with the client. The client was thrilled and hired him on the spot.

So, at the ripe age of 15, my son now proudly holds his first paid job, a true testament to trust, enthusiasm, and his admirable self-directed learning spirit. And as for the notion of charging him rent? Well, that’s a conversation for another post, I’d say!

Trust the process.

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