Alice Khimasia

BA (Education & Psychology), PGCE (Secondary RE), MA (Childhood in Society)

Alice has been unschooling herself alongside her four sons since the beginning of 2010, and shares their journey on her Facebook page, Organic Education.

In 2016, she gave a TEDx talk, and has featured in The Guardian, The Times, The i, and in a BBC documentary about home education. Alice was once a school refuser, and believes in children’s right to learn in environments where they feel safe, which prioritise consent and wellbeing, and which centre the learner.

She recently completed her Masters in Childhood in Society at the University of Warwick whilst working as a co-creation officer in the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning. She received an award from the Department for Education Studies for her dissertation which looked at the learning narratives of children who have never been to school and sought to centre children’s voices and challenge the narrative that school is where learning happens. 

Alice’s sons have followed different pathways into work aligned with their interests and she is passionate about encouraging and empowering parents to co-create learning journeys with their children which reflect diverse needs and interests. 


United Kingdom
Areas of Experience:
General home education, Secondary Self-directed education, Unschooling

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