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Are you interested in launching into a worldschool lifestyle? Are you able to work remotely outside of your home country? Would you like to travel as a family and show your kids the incredible world we live in?  It’s not as scary or expensive as some think. In fact it’s pretty amazing and more and more families are living this adventurous and meaningful global lifestyle. 

Hi, I’m Lizz Quain, a digital nomad, entrepreneur, worldschooling coach and a mom of 14 year old twin girls. 

We have been traveling and worldschooling for nearly 7 years, visiting or living in 20 countries (and counting!). In my lifetime, I’ve traveled to nearly 50 countries. Traveling, learning about different cultures and exploring the world is a passion of mine, and now an interest of my kids!  I’m also passionate about the best ways for kids to learn. I was the founder of a children’s play cafe & preschool outside of Seattle, helped launch an online global school and was a co-host for a homeschooling summit.

The first step to learning more about worldschooling and becoming a Trailblazing Family is to join my Facebook group or YouTube Channel. In the Facebook group, my members and I discuss and share lots of practical tips on how to confidently travel the world with children. If you need support in making your worldschooling dreams come true, I’d love to help you make it happen for your family. See below for options of how you can work with me.


Areas of Experience:

Option 1: Sign up for my “How to Worldschool & Travel Extensively as a Family” 12-week group program

Includes about 50 HOURS of useful content, most of it via Facebook Lives and group Zoom meetings. The program is super interactive and participants are members for life.

The September 2023 cohort will be $750 USD / £600. January 2024 and beyond cohorts will be $1000 USD / £800.

See option 2 to book a complimentary exploratory Zoom.

Option 2: 30 min Zoom consultation FREE
Discuss if the programme will work for you. Use the Calendly booking link below.

Option 3: 60 min Zoom consultation £80
To discuss worldschooling in general, or, if you have already launched, to help with specific questions.
Please email to book this option and mention your top three available times to meet and your time zone. 

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