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12+ Years
School of Humanity

Our daughter Katie-Grace was having a tough time before COVID hit, with emotional bullying from her class mates. It was never ending, especially going into lockdown when everything went online, including the bullying.

We took the scary step of removing her from school after she become distant and just not herself. We tried one online homeschooling platform which was a good stepping stone but lacked the structure she needed. (Some children are really good at self motivation and can create their own schedule but that didn’t work well for KTG.) So when School of Humanity launched, it was a bit of a no brainer for us.

School of Humanity ‘cohort Jupiter’ began in September 2022 and we have been incredibly impressed from day one. The focus is on inter-disciplinary, project based learning along with additional core subjects broken into ‘nuggets’. The week is Monday – Thursday with Friday as a project day or to be used for hobbies, sport and other extra curricular subjects. The structure is unstructured enough to allow some flexibility yet brings cohesion to the learning process. The facilitators and mentors are incredible and the curriculum is cutting edge, giving the students a head start on the skill set needed in this technologically advanced generation and of course the students don’t waste precious time learning things they are not interested in but rather focus their attention on what they are passionate about and interested in. Grading is done through continuous assessment and the grades uploaded to a Mastery Transcript for University entrance or Job applications.

For us as parents, we are confident that what our daughter will gain through SofH far outweighs any possible disadvantages that come with an online program like lack of sports or music facilities. Those type of activities she organises herself with friends. Katie-Grace is back to her bubbly, confident self, growing in her knowledge and understanding of the complex world we live in. She loves being part of a community that shows respect and honours to each other. She is thriving – there’s no going back for the Porters!

They offer full time online high school, hybrid learning opportunities are coming, and part time summer school.

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