Zoomwriters online creative writing

Age Bracket:
8-12 Years
Zoomwriters online creative writing
From £5 per session (plus booking fee)

If you are looking for a new way to encourage your child in creative writing, I encourage you to check out zoomwriters – it’s an online writing club run by a great children’s author with classes for different age groups.

My ten year old son loves this class and I think it’s great for several reasons:

1. They are coached in how to create interesting storylines and characters
2. They learn to collaborate with other children on the plot
3. They receive real time encouraging feedback on their writing to improve it
4. They have the opportunity to read their work out loud if they wish (my son who is a natural actor loves this part!)
5. They are learning how to navigate online meetings from a young age.

Being able to type is important but they don’t have to be adult speed.

Robin does very well at manging an online class and is very encouraging.

Definitely worth a trial.

zoomwriters.co.uk is the main website

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