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My 11 year son has been using Conquermaths for three months and has already worked his way through the Year 6 syllabus.  He does around 3-4 hours a week broken into small sections.  The website works really well and has videos that explain the topic and then questions for the child to answer to make sure they understand.  As a parent, you can get weekly reports to keep track of what your child has been doing and many other features too.  This is the first online program that my son has actively engaged with that hasn’t led to him having his ‘maths face’ as we call it!!  If you have a problem or a question then the team at Conquermaths are really quick to reply. They have family plans for payment so it gets cheaper with more children. It starts at £19/month one child, £32/month two children etc but is cheaper if you pay for an annual subscription.

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