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Age Bracket:
8-12 Years
Doodle Learning
varies dependent on course

My 9 year old son has just starting using these and so far, he’s doing really well.  The apps work well on his iPad and they seem quite engaging.  Once you’ve logged in, there is a short assessment so the program can analyse the level your child is at and provide the right level work for them.  It then gives a new set of questions each week and then provides him with ‘7 a day’ questions to reinforce what he has learnt.  There’s a couple of games he can play on each one too.

With DoodleMaths, you also get DoodleMultiply and with DoodleEnglish, you get DoodleSpell.  On top of this, there is a parent app called DoodleConnect where you can track their progress and see how they are improving.  After the initial assessment, your child is given a Doodle age which the level that the program thinks your child is at. My son is enjoying it, he collects stars as he completes questions and then you can use the stars to ‘buy’ parts for your robot. Designing and building his robot has been a big motivator for earning stars.

You can monitor how their Doodle age improves on the DoodleConnect app.  It goes up to Year 9 in Maths and Year 6 in English. Just Doodle Maths is £12.99/month as is just Doodle English, however if you buy a subscription for them both is costs £16.99/month.

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